Race Report: Long Beach Marathon 2009



This was a hard one. I felt great going into the Long Beach Marathon and all through the first half marathon. I ran a 1:35:26 half marathon which is actually faster than my personal record half and a Boston Marathon qualifying pace. This was definitely too fast for me to be running early on in the race, probably 10 seconds faster per mile than I had planned.

I felt great all the way up to mile 16 then I got the worst cramp in my right leg. It was so harsh and surprising that I almost fell when it first happened. My whole leg just tensed up like it had been tased. It was all downhill from there. For the next 10 miles both of my legs were in various states of painful cramping. I wasn’t even horribly tired finishing the race, my legs just wouldn’t move.

Alas, outside of all the problems, it was a fun race with lots of energy from the crowd!

  • 5th marathon!
  • 1:35:26, best half marathon time
  • 3:47:43

So lesson learned, even seconds faster than your planned pace is too fast. Take it nice and slow in the begining and go into the race with a plan. For cramping, a lot of people have suggested a high intake of salt (Gatorade) the week and nights before the race and also taking salt tablets every hour during the race. I’ll try this at my next race, Las Vegas Marathon, December 6th!

Make: Arcade Controller, Acrylic + Foundation


Just got some more pieces in from the laser cutter. The top is a thin black acrylic (still dusty in the pictures, needs a good windex). There are also two more pieces of wood solidifying the joystick inside.



Make: Daft Punk Helmet, Bondo


I’ve applied an initial coat of bondo on the helmet. Lesson learned, you want to make sure when applying the bondo to get it as tight to the shape you want as possible. Flatten all of your surfaces with a knife and avoid dripping. My first application of the bondo was too quick and not precise enough. This resulted in a ton of sanding to correct the shape and air pockets where it wasn’t smoothed out enough.


The white you see in the photo is automotive bondo (about $10 a can). The red is the bondo brand spot and glaze putty ($6-7). There are a ton of little air holes in the bondo (look around the jaw line, see lesson learned) so I’m going over the entire thing again with the spot putty to fill them all in.

Make: Daft Punk Helmet, Foundation Complete


The curved part of the helmet uses a traditional baseball helmet (no vents) that I cut and sanded to fit the paper framework. I ended up removing the entire visor portion of the baseball helmet since the position of the Daft Punk visor is actually significantly higher. I also made the helmet about 2-3 inches shorter along the bottom rim.

In addition to the thick paper that makes up the form, I used a thin foam board to better define the edges.

Then, hours of cutting and applying masking tape to connect the two together and form the right shape.




Now that the foundations is complete, I’ll be coating the entire thing in automotive Bondo. Then, lots and lots of sanding.

Make: Arcade Controller, First Round of Laser Cuts


The initial laser cut ply came in today for the arcade controller I’ve been working on. Everything came out clean and fit together nicely. I’m still waiting to get the acrylic top to be made alongside some foundational pieces that will sturdy up the inside.



And now you know, the controller will be Space Invader themed! Bleep bloop.

Make: Daft Punk Helmet, Ears


The end cap for the ear is formed by the bottom of a soda can. I found that normal cans were a little too big for the cutout so I ended up using the bottom of a large Red Bull can.


Once the paper frame work is done, I’ll be attaching it to a modified baseball helmet. Then, we bondo / epoxy the entire thing to start forming the final shape.

Make: Daft Punk Helmet, The Thomas Bangalter


Started working on my Daft Punk Thomas Bangalter helmet tonight. It will have LEDs, oh yes, it will have LEDs.


Make your own! The model files can be downloaded here:

Dank Punk Thomas Helmet Framework

If anybody wants to follow along, I’ll continue to post progress shots and insights on how to replicate.

Make: Monome x Arcade Buttons, Video!


Monome x Arcade Buttons from Defcon6 on Vimeo.

Monome x Arcade Buttons is all done and it’s super fun to play with!

In this quick video I made, the lights indicate when a note is hit and the buttons change a scale arpeggiation (Running Max/Msp + Midi/OSC converter + Polygome + Ableton Live 8 + Commodore64 VST). This is just one of the many things it can do!

Race Report: Disneyland Half Marathon 2009



Great times were had at this past weekend’s Disneyland Half Marathon. The course not only took you through both parks with characters cheering you on but also onto the field of Angel’s stadium. My goal was to run the half at a Boston Marathon qualifying pace (7:15 per mile) which I only missed by seconds.

  • 1:35:36 chip time (PR half marathon)
  • Overall: 203rd / 11,643 !!
  • M25-29: 31st / 642 !!

Next up Long Beach marathon October 11th! I’ll be shooting for a 7:30 / mile pace. A Boston qualifyer is starting to feel a tad bit closer.

Make: Arcade Controller, Initial Laser Cut Design


I started an initial Illustrator design for the laser cutting this weekend. It’s going to be a fully laser cut box with no exposed screws. The foundation is going to a nice light ply and the control panel is going to be surfaced with a glossy black acrylic.