Race Report: Los Vegas Marathon 2009


Over the past month I’ve been pretty busy moving into my new place and on various vacations thus I haven’t posted much about any projects I’ve been working on. All settled now though so new posts to come!

This past weekend I ran the 2009 Los Vegas Marathon. It has been exactly one year since I ran my first marathon, the 2008 Los Vegas Marathon. Since then, I’ve run five others, improved a bit, and taken twenty minutes off of my marathon time. This year, I managed to survive my company’s holiday party, the early morning cold leading up to the race and post a pretty solid time.

  • 6th marathon!
  • 3:29:22, new PR marathon time! (1 second faster than SF 2009)
  • 508th / 5852 place
  • 72nd / 416 place, M25-29

For this race I didn’t eat anything during the run (no gel, gu, shot blocks, jelly beans etc.) which was a first. Instead I took the power drink (Cytomax) at every water station to get some sugar in me. I don’t think this would work for everybody but it seemed to work out pretty well for me. I felt very consistently paced throughout the entire race with no cramps or stomach aches.

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