Race Report: Long Beach Marathon 2009



This was a hard one. I felt great going into the Long Beach Marathon and all through the first half marathon. I ran a 1:35:26 half marathon which is actually faster than my personal record half and a Boston Marathon qualifying pace. This was definitely too fast for me to be running early on in the race, probably 10 seconds faster per mile than I had planned.

I felt great all the way up to mile 16 then I got the worst cramp in my right leg. It was so harsh and surprising that I almost fell when it first happened. My whole leg just tensed up like it had been tased. It was all downhill from there. For the next 10 miles both of my legs were in various states of painful cramping. I wasn’t even horribly tired finishing the race, my legs just wouldn’t move.

Alas, outside of all the problems, it was a fun race with lots of energy from the crowd!

  • 5th marathon!
  • 1:35:26, best half marathon time
  • 3:47:43

So lesson learned, even seconds faster than your planned pace is too fast. Take it nice and slow in the begining and go into the race with a plan. For cramping, a lot of people have suggested a high intake of salt (Gatorade) the week and nights before the race and also taking salt tablets every hour during the race. I’ll try this at my next race, Las Vegas Marathon, December 6th!

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